Mar 18, 2017

Stick A Fork In Me...

Spring Break is coming to an end and I am laying in bed as I write this thinking about the jam-packed, fun-filled week we had! Let me just say though.. stick a fork in me, haha. I am so tired! But it was a blast! 

Don't get me wrong, we've had plenty of breaks off from school where we have zero plans other then just hanging out at the house. It's like I go through phases where I think, "It's not up to me to make sure you aren't bored, kids.. go play outside, ride a bike, read a book!" But then sometimes I get in planner mode (which is so weird because I am so NOT a planner) and awesome miracles like this week happen! I gave San Antonio Mom Blogs a shout out in this post for sharing all the fun, FREE things to do around San Antonio during Spring Break. It was my goal to check off as many things from that list as we could and we accomplished just that! We explored the new Witte Museum, The San Antonio Museum of Art, and also the Briscoe Western Art Museum downtown! The kids loved it because they got to create LEGO movies and witness an artist recreate a painting all from LEGOs! And again.. ALL free. We also checked out the San Antonio Natatorium on Thursday where they were having FREE diving lessons. I am SO glad we checked this out because the kids LOVED it and are looking forward to doing more diving in the future. 

With Ambri being in town, I thought it would be a fun idea to have something fun and different to do each day. Keeping them out of the house meant keeping my house SEMI-clean and the kids active and in better spirits then if they were stuck inside. I am chalking up this Spring Break as a HUGE success. Even if you're not in the San Antonio area, I encourage you to check out free activities in your area! 

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