Sep 20, 2016


Has it really been over a MONTH since my last post? I swear every other day I think to myself, "I'm going to post this to the blog," and then before I know it, it's 8:30 and I'm on my second glass of wine before bed, haha. 

Lately the kids and I have been getting into a routine of getting outside a couple of times a week together whether its going for a walk or going to the park. These babes love to get their hands dirty, they love adventure.. it might take some persuading at first to get them out of the house and away from YOUTUBE (Lord, help us) but we always end up having a blast. 

They really are good sports because most of the time I'm throwing them in the car and dragging them somewhere so I can take 84 thousand pictures. Here's a few photos from our latest adventures. 

Xo - Mads 

Crescent Bend Nature Park

San Antonio Missions

Comanche Lookout Park

Converse City Park

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