Jul 22, 2016

Soccer Therapy

 I know my girls have been anxiously awaiting the moment they would make the blog so I thought I would give them a little a shout out this morning after our BIG WIN! ;) Haha.. 

This group right here literally gives me LIFE! We all deal with the day to day struggles of work, family, finances, relationships, kids (well, the kids part, I think that's just me, haha).. and so much more and it's so important to find an outlet and soccer was and is and always WILL be mine! Thursday's are my most favorite day of the week because I know once I step on the field with this crazy crowd, all worries and responsibilities fade and it's just time to have fun and kick some ass. 

To this awesome team (who actually doesn't have a NAME right now).. here's to many more T-Shirts and pitchers of FREE BEER! Holla! 

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