Jun 5, 2016

Sunday Funday at Landa Park!

DAY 2 OF SUMMER! Landa Park! 

Thanks to Aunt Chelsey and Uncle Chrissy for inviting us out to Landa Park for some grilling and swimming! I had been out to Landa Park before but had no idea there was a little pool area for the kiddo's to swim in! This place is perfect to hang out and relax and let the kids play in the water! Not deep at all and the water was little chilly but the kids were having a blast! 

Everyday that we live here in San Antonio I am just so amazed at how beautiful this place is! My list of favorite places just keeps getting longer and longer! Landa Park is perfect to hang out, walk along the river, swim in the wading pool and again, not break the bank! Definitely coming back here soon! 

A nice lady gave the kids some bread to feed the fish and ducks and Ashli came and told me that she saw some crawfish!! Of course I didn't believe her so I had to get up and see for myself, and sure enough, there was! #cravingcrawfishnow

Thanks again to Chris, Chelsey, Becca and Brandon for inviting us! We had a blast and the #ecclesbabes love you! You're their favorite!! ;) 

Day 2 of Summer = Success! 

Day 3 of Summer already in the works! (See you tomorrow, Danielle!) ;) 
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