Jun 26, 2016

Summer Days!

Talk about one of the best days EVER! It was just me and the babes today so of course I woke up with a game plan to get these kids out of the house and having some fun!

We hit up Fischer Park first with the awesome splash pad! The kids even got me to stand under the giant bucket that dumps water on you a few times! I was dry in about 2.5 seconds. #thanksTexas

The kids loved it!

After the splash pad we went over to Gruene.. my most favorite place EVER! Sat out on the patio for lunch with the playground which surprisingly wasn't that hot! 

After lunch we walked on over to the General Store in Gruene for some BLUEBELL! Love getting ice cream cones and sitting out front. We each got one scoop on a cone and I was cracking up because it was so hot, the ice cream was dripping and melting the fastest I had ever seen it! Piper was wearing half of her ice cream cone in about 5 minutes! 

No guys.. the day was not over YET. I then took the kids back to the Landa Park Wading Pool for some more swimming! Haha.. 

I'd say today was a pretty successful day, the kids were champs!  

Also.. I think it's time to invest in a selfie stick. We can't all fit!

And finally... 

That's better.  :) 

Happy Summer friends! 
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