May 10, 2016

What I've Learned..

It's only been 2.5 months since I've started this blog and I'm having a blast! I love meeting new people everyday on social media and posting about our daily life for the world to see and experience with us!

In the short time I've been blogging I've already learned so much. One thing that has really stood out to me is that it's REALLY easy to get sucked in to comparing yourself to other bloggers. I am constantly looking at other blogs and reading posts and I'm like.. "How is everything so WHITE?" or "How does everything look so CLEAN?!" or "Who is taking all of their pictures? There is NO way Drew is going to follow me around with a camera all the time." (Still working on that.... ;) ) Haha! But seriously.. it's easy to fall into a trap and feel like you have to start blogging LIKE all the other well known bloggers out there. I definitely feel that way and then I write a blog post and after I read it over and over I think to myself.. "This isn't me?" So.. lesson one of blogging that I've learned is stop comparing yourself to other bloggers all the time. Everybody has a different style.. and that's the beauty of it! What I want to share with you is life as a (step)parent and learning how to use my camera.. things are not going to be all clean and fabulous here.. yet! ;)

Another thing I'm learning is not letting it CONSUME my life. Blogging is FUN. It's my most favorite hobby. I love taking pictures, I love posting stories, I love connecting with people. Social media is my passion. But I need to stop feeling like I have to post, post, post ALL. THE. TIME. I do need to have a life in order to come up with content, right? Haha.. Blogging and social media is a great thing to do and eventually you can earn in an income off it.. but don't let it consume your life and let it take over your entire world.. You still have a life, a family, a JOB.. work first for the real paycheck.. and play later... until your blog becomes your paycheck.. in which case.. hustle that blog, yo! On the other hand.. I've also learned that consistency is key.. if you want to keep people engaged.. definitely come up with a regular posting schedule!

Lastly.. one big thing I am slowly but surely learning is QUALITY over QUANTITY..  again.. like I've said before, I love sharing photos, hilarious conversations from my littles, etc with all of you. And the minute something crazy/amazing/hilarious happens I just want to SHARE IT immediately. But lately I've really been focusing on.. it's not HOW much I post but WHAT I am posting that is important. I know my Venti Iced White Mocha tastes delicious and refreshing but.. not a lot of people really care about that anymore.. so it's time to move on from posting the drink pictures, haha!

If you're thinking about starting a blog or already have, I hope this helps you in some way! My blog is still a baby and I have such a long ways to go but I am loving every minute of it and what it's teaching me as a person! Thanks for reading!

Happy Tuesday, friends! xoxo!

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