May 12, 2016

The Miracle Morning 30 Day Challenge

I have a very weird relationship with mornings. If you know me, you know that mornings and I do not mix. When I go to bed at night, I'm thinking about how much I don't want to wake up already! And that sounds terrible! That's setting myself up for failure. 

Every morning, I set my alarm and my kid's alarm for 6:00 AM. Guess who actually gets out of bed on time... NOT me! 

The kids actually get up out of bed and get dressed all before I even crack the sheets! I'm too busy hitting snooze! Great example, Maddy... 

This literally happens every morning while we are getting ready for school. I hit snooze a couple times until I absolutely HAVE to get out of bed and then I am rushing to pack lunches, feed the kids, do their hair.. it's complete madness for the next 20 minutes. I'm tired, still half asleep, frustrated because I can't find a shoe, they don't know where their jackets are.. So really we are all angry and frustrated at each other, nobody is happy or smiling. Mornings are not associated with happiness in this family, haha. 

For the longest time I've always said that I am not a morning person but I've been wanting to find some way to make myself into one.. 

Question : Do you ever feel like you are kind of going through the motions with life, parenting, your job, etc.. and you KNOW what you have to do to make a change and you know you CAN.. you just... don't? You kind of just cruise through each day and hope for a miracle? Well.. I feel that's me right now. 

With all of that said.. I was browsing Pinterest and different blogs yesterday and in the search bar I put "Personal Development" and I found a book called The Miracle Morning. I always look for different morning routines people try just to see if I can see myself doing that and sticking to it. Well, I read the reviews for this book and they were all life changing to these readers. 

I bought this book yesterday at 4:00 PM and finished it this morning at 9:30 AM. This book just makes you feel like you can literally do ANYTHING you set your mind to. I've been feeling for a while that my motivation is just non existent and I've been looking for something or just that push to get me moving and I really feel like this was it. 

There are a couple quotes from this book that I want to share with you but mainly what this book talks about is how important it is to start your day off right and it will change the rest of your day and eventually your LIFE. There are 6 things for you to do every morning and Hal Elrod refers to them as Life S.A.V.E.R.S. 

S. Silence (meditate, sit in silence)
A. Affirmation (I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!) 
V. Visualization (Visualize where you want to be and accomplishing your goals)
E. Exercise (20 minute run/walk/yoga)
R. Read (Anything)
S. Scribe (Write)

He also talks about his 5 Steps to NOT hitting Snooze and gives you different tips and tricks to make sure you are successful for the Miracle Morning. 

Now, I know what probably A LOT of you are thinking. Maddy + Mornings = a JOKE. Haha.. Trust me.. it's going to be a challenge. I've never associated mornings with happiness or something pleasant. Waking up early to go school, waking up early to go to 5 am weights in college.. There was nothing more I wanted to do but sleep in. But now I am at a point in my life where mornings are really the only time I have to be productive and really focus on ME. I don't have time during the day or after work because all my time is dedicated to Drew and the kids. It's time to suck it up, put myself first at the FIRST part of my day so that I can be successful and productive through out the day and also a pleasant human being to the kids in the morning. I dream of a day when the morning routine for school is actually enjoyable!  I am tired of feeling overwhelmed and behind and stuck in a rut. Which brings me to some awesome quotes I found in this book.. 

“The degree to which you accept responsibility for everything in your life is precisely the degree of personal power you have to change or create anything in your life.”

“I realized this is the problem for all of us. We all want Level 10 success, in every area of our lives—health, happiness, finances, relationships, career, spirituality, you name it—but if our levels of personal development (knowledge, experience, mindset, beliefs, etc.) in any given area are not at a Level 10, then life is always going to be a struggle.”

This book includes a 30 Day challenge and there is also a website you can go to for FREE chapters and the Miracle Morning Starter Kit. If this post really jumped out at you and you're feeling like this might be something you want to try, feel free to contact me and reach out. I will be starting my Miracle Morning routine TOMORROW. I've also attached the link to the book on Amazon if you are interested. 

XOXO, Mads 

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