May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day Weekend 2016 was definitely one for the memory books! It was our first camping trip as a family and I have to say.. we nailed it! There were a few minor hiccups here and there (like not having the right poles for a tent and the car almost dying on the beach....haha) but nothing the #ecclesbabes couldn't handle! 

We got down to the beach and set up camp all before 3 pm on Saturday and from there it was smooth sailing! It was such a nice, relaxing evening on the beach. The kids LOVE the water!

I couldn't have pictured a better way to spend the weekend with Drew and the kids. I might not have given birth to Ambri, Kaden, Piper, Ashli.. I wasn't there for their first word or their first step.. but what I am here for means the world to me. Some have told me they are lucky to have me, but I know that I am lucky to have them. Although it's only been 4 years.. I can't remember life before them. Stepping into a "mother" role has changed me and is STILL changing me. Some days are hard.. somedays they are crying to me for someone else but I am just happy and thankful that I can be that shoulder for them to cry on and let them know that they are loved unconditionally by SO many people. Being a parent is the scariest, most stressful, confusing thing I have ever done.. but I have never experienced something so rewarding in my life. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the people stepping into that "Mother" role.. biological or not. You are amazing. 

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