May 24, 2016

Monday Night Lights

It was bound to be a long night at the ballpark with the girls' game at 6PM and Kaden's game at 8PM!  But it ended up being a fun time and a little glimpse into what our future holds! This is the first of many days/nights we will be spending countless hours at the baseball field/soccer field/football field!

Ashli didn't get her hit this season but she got SO close!! Every game, every parent on the sideline was cheering her on! She did hit a solid foul ball and it was ALMOST fair! Next season will be her time for sure, she was a champ this season being the youngest and smallest! 

What better way to keep the kiddo's occupied while brother warms up then a little photo shoot? Still playing around with some of the features on my Sony NEX5T and I just LOVE this B&W filter! 

We had a good time watching Kaden's game and the weather was SO nice. I actually enjoyed the 8PM game since the sun was down and it wasn't SUPER hot! And another plus of being the late game was all the other fields were empty so all the siblings of the players on Kaden's team were running the bases and playing in the dirt! Isn't it amazing how kids can meet each other and be best friends in 5 seconds? I love it. 

And that's wrap of another baseball season and the girls' first softball season! In just a month or 2, Kaden will be starting football! Can't wait! Xoxo 

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