May 19, 2016

Crayola Color Alive

Happy Thursday, friends! It's almost the weekend!

The kids got home from school at about 3:15pm and asked to play the Playstation, so I let them. Literally 5 minutes later I heard them arguing so I said, "JUST KIDDING. Turn it off!" But then I thought to myself.. it poured all day, its too wet to play outside.. I just said no TV or Playstation.. what are they going to do? Stare at the wall? Read a book? Pff.. yeah right..

While I was brainstorming what the heck to do to keep the kids from killing each other inside the house I was putting some things away in my room and looked under my bed and found something!

My mom got the kids Crayola Color Alive coloring books for CHRISTMAS (oops) and I had hidden them under my bed to wrap and I guess they got left under there! That's what kids do to your brain.

Crayola Color Alive coloring books are JUST the thing you need for a rainy day inside! You can download the application for iOS and Android devices and then you color a page out of your coloring book, scan it and it COMES TO LIFE! SO COOL!

I downloaded the app on my iPhone because the iPad is dead and it worked well on the iPhone, it was just hard to take pictures! I would try it out on a tablet if you have it!

Enjoy these awesome coloring books! I would love to see your masterpieces! 
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