Apr 13, 2016

On the Menu..

It's been a hot minute since I've been in the kitchen! Life has been crazy busy for us lately so we have been sticking with the easy, usuals that are quick since we are running out the door every other day to baseball/softball practice and games!

I've been looking for recipes that are new and fun and easy to make! Here's what will be on the menu in the near future!

I've shared this before but I will share it again! We made this on Monday and we are obsessed with it, it is so good. Not sure how healthy it is but.. oh well.

Pasta and Avocado Caesar Salad  <-- Find the recipe here! 

Kaden is a huge fan of this, too! The kid LOVES salad! 

Next up, we have Crockpot Garlic Parmesan Chicken! <-- Find the recipe here! 

The crockpot is my all-time favorite thing to use in the kitchen. Because it is almost impossible to mess anything up when you cook with it! Literally, throw everything you need in the crockpot and it cooks itself! And then you can take all the credit for making it! :) 

Next we have Burrito Bowls <-- Find the recipe here!, which I have been wanting to make this for a while! It looks so yummy! The chipotle dressing looks amazing! 

Thanks to Pinterest for these awesome ideas for quick, easy dinners for those weeknights that you are on the run but don't want to eat out! 

What recipes do you turn to for busy weeknights!? 

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