Apr 11, 2016

Let's Play Ball... and Get Married!

I remember talking about this weekend months ago and now it has already come and gone! Time flies when you're with such a fun crowd!

Tuesday night we hit the road and headed for Mesa, AZ to see Travis (Drew's cousin) get hitched! We got into town on Wednesday morning and made a pit stop at the park to let the kids stretch their legs and then we headed to Drew's Nana's house to say hi!

After we left we went to RUBIO'S (not pictured) for some FISH TACOS... holy YUM! And after what seemed like a life time.. along with some car troubles, we finally made it to the house we would be staying at for the weekend! This house was nice and secluded and had a beautiful backyard and pool which is where we spent most of our time when we were there! 

Went on a nice walk up the Hawes Loop Trail and got a great view of downtown Phoenix! 

And finally... WEDDING DAY! I will be talking about this venue for the rest of my life. It was SO nice!! Such a great idea to get married somewhere that completely represents yourself and your passion! Cassie and Travis both looked great and so happy and in love! This was at Sloan Park where the Cubs play for Spring Training! The flowers were beautiful, everything looked amazing. 

Thank you to Cassie and Travis for letting us be with you to celebrate your special day! Here's to many, many years of happiness together! 

The Twymans 

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