Mar 18, 2016

Easter Baskets!

Happy Friday! Give yourself a pat on the back for making it to Friday! This week was a long one!

Easter is right around the corner friends! Of course I've been taking to Pinterest to get some fun ideas planned out for the kids and I came across THIS..

(not my photo)

Is this a cute idea or what!? 

Last year, I just hit up my favorite place in the entire world (Dollar Tree) and literally only spent about $30 on Easter for ALL 3 kids! 

Each basket included :
-Candy Bracelets
-Ring Pops
-Chocolate Bunny
-Side-Walk Chalk
-Miscellaneous Candy
- And last but certainly NOT least.. eggs to HUNT for of course!

This year I am seriously considering the umbrella idea and filling with it swimsuits/beach towel/flip flops.. since we will be getting that stuff anyways pretty soon for summer!? 

What does the Easter Bunny usually bring your kids every year!? 

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