Mar 17, 2016

Ashli and Piper Take the Field!

You guys... SO FREAKING CUTE!! And hilarious! Today was Ashli and Piper's first softball practice and I was so excited!! We didn't really know what to expect before we went. I wasn't sure if the girls were going to be totally bored or excited to play and... they had a blast!

Of course we had to get some pictures in BEFORE practice.... ;)

They started off practice playing catch and every time Ashli would throw it to Piper she would instantly get distracted with something else and would not even notice that Piper threw the ball back to her! Haha! 

Shot Put? Or Softball? ;) haha.. 

Look at that smile! Yay! 

Piper is a champ! She is a natural in everything she does! Which shocked Drew and I, both! Haha.. we always assumed Ashli would be the tom-boy athlete and Piper the dancer/ballerina.. 

Coach Dad supervising practice... 

Watching Ashli run the bases was hysterical! Ashli is going to be the player that runs to third base after she hits the ball instead of first... LOL! 

....and we lost her. Dirt is more fun! 

So fun watching the girls at practice today! Brought back so many memories of being out on the softball field with my best friends! Love watching them grow and reliving my childhood. Reason #285975 this parenting gig is awesome. 

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