Mar 13, 2016

A Louisiana Saturday Night... in Texas!

Happy Sunday, friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend! As for us, we had a fun little overnighter in Houston with our dear friends, Lindy and Dave and their sweet little boy, Cole!!

If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with crawfish and that I would do anything to get my hands on some!! So Dave and Lindy picked up 35 pounds and cooked some up for us!! YUMMMMMMMM!!! #happyMaddy

We love visiting them and of course, I brought my camera along to catch all the fun and I had a pretty cute subject to get some pictures of!!

He was definitely shy at first, haha.. and kept looking at me like, "Who's this weird lady with a camera all up in my face!? Let me eat my apple in PEACE!" (Umm, no Cole because you're so stinking cute!!)

Then we moved outside and found our lizard friend!! We forgot to name him, Lindy!! Cole even gave the lizard some kisses!! 

The whole time David was working his magic, we picked his brain about the process because we are definitely making some at our house some time soon! Even though Drew and I are probably the only ones who will eat it! (that's okay.. more for me!!) Haha..

These guys ^^ didn't make the cut... 

These ONES did... yum, yum, and YUM.. we even talked about getting some crawfish smelling candles.. is there even such a thing?? There should be... 

Ready to dominate some crawdads!! 

The next morning I woke up so shocked at how late it was.. then I realized it was Daylight Savings Time! Good thing we have Spring Break to adjust.. 

Before we headed back to San Antonio we spent some time just hanging out on the patio and enjoying the nice Texas weather before it turned in to scorching Texas heat.. in March! Haha.. Cole found his lizard friend again and it let him hold it! 

Thanks again to Lindy and Dave for having us, we love you guys so much!! 

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