Mar 6, 2016

A Fancy Saturday Night!

Last night was the 1st Annual Combat Medic Ball at the Hilton in downtown San Antonio! The day leading up to it was a bit stressful considering the dress I rented for the ball that got in late Friday night didn't FIT... BUT, I was able to find another one and all was well.

 I got my hair and make up done here! My good friend works there and did my hair and I loved it! Just had to snap a selfie when I got in the car.. (you know me.)

Once I got home my sister-in-laws came over to snap some pictures of us before we left! 

Getting photobombed by LUCAS! Lol.. 

After the ball we found ourselves on the Riverwalk, of course! We landed at the Irish Pub and of course I had to order us some Irish Car Bombs! This bar was a ton of fun, there was a guy playing the piano and he just loved all the guys in their dress blues!! He dedicated several songs to them! It was seriously awesome to see everyone thank the guys for their service and want to buy them shot after shot.. I literally heard one of Drew's friend say, "I can't believe I am going to say this, but I hate going to the bar dressed like this because EVERYONE wants to buy me a drink!!"

Combat Medic Ball 
March 5th, 2016

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