Feb 28, 2016

The Pearl, Burgers and Softballs

After a rough week it was nice to have a relaxing weekend.. Nothing like sleeping in on a Saturday morning and the first thing you think of is pancakes.. or in my case biscuits and gravy.. #yum.

We went and checked out a new breakfast spot in San Antonio called Earl Abel's and when I walked in and saw a full plate of biscuits and gravy for only $5.. I knew we picked the right spot.. ;)

After a healthy HEFTY breakfast we found ourselves walking through the Pearl Farmers Market! I love the Pearl, I love walking around the Pearl, I love taking pictures of the Pearl. Every weekend The Pearl hosts a Farmers Market that has vendors from within a 150 mile radius of San Antonio that provide fresh, local, and seasonal products! You can find more info on it here! Another positive is that its pet friendly. There are so many places in and around San Antonio that are pet friendly. 

Note to self : Get Bella out of the house. 

I am glad I remembered to pull out the camera for our walk through the Pearl. Capturing moments that don't seem like BIG moments make me smile.. because I know I can always look back and remember these times. Like when Piper thinks she's being sneaky and trying to scare her Daddy.. 

And as for today.. S U N D A Y.. to round out the weekend Drew threw some burgers on the grill and while he was grilling I decided to play a little catch with Ashli.. and I will admit, playing catch with her is terrifying. Haha.. excited to see her out on the field though! 

Alright friends.. thanks for stopping by as always! Thanks for thinking of me this week.. <3 

Xoxo, Mads  

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