Feb 21, 2016

Dear #9..

Dear #9,
First, let me start by saying.. Excellent choice in jersey number. 😉
I had the privilege of wearing this number my sophomore through senior year and let me tell you, this number saw many ups and downs.. Some of my teammates would say it saw more downs.. But we don’t have enough time for that. 😉 And let me tell you, I would relive every moment in a heart beat.
When I wore this number under those Friday night lights, I felt like I could do anything. It’s a beautiful, powerful thing.

One moment, that sticks out in my mind while wearing this number was my senior year! It was my LAST home game ever as a Northwestern State Demon playing our SLC rival, Southeastern! While I was trying to soak up every last second of my soccer career I was so sad that it was coming to an end. I was on the sideline, score was 0-0, when I get the tug on my jersey to warm up and get ready to go in. I remember thinking to myself, “This is it. This is the last time my family will see me play. This is the last time I’ll play on this field. Let’s make something happen.”

Seconds after I get subbed in we get a corner.. I make that run in near post and the ball comes right to me! What do I do? I flick the ball up with my LEFT foot and it goes over my LEFT shoulder, keeper dives RIGHT…
GOAL. 1-0!

I. Was. Shocked. Haha! I think everybody was! But it could not have been MORE PERFECT! My family had flew in from California once every season to see me play and this was the FIRST college goal they’ve seen me score. And it was my last senior home game.
After that game I was given the award of Southland Conference Player of the Week and it’s a moment I will never forget. There was no better way to finish my soccer career at Northwestern.

So.. #9.. With all of that being said.. My advice to you is.. Don’t ever take one second of wearing that jersey for granted. The days may be long, the heat may be unbearable.. You might feel like if you run one more 120 yard sprint you are going to die. I am here to tell you that you will not. (Fun Bunch Survivor) 😉
Enjoy every minute of it and always remember.. Once a Demon, ALWAYS a Demon! GO GET EM!!!!

Maddy (Hall) Eccles
aka Study Hall
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